5 Key Advantages Of Wet Rooms

If you, or someone within your household, has mobility issues, then installing a wet room can transform your daily life.

Wet rooms, also referred to as mobility bathrooms, offer users a whole host of benefits when compared alongside more traditional bathrooms.

Purely from an accessibility point of view, it can give users a new-found freedom around the home which can make daily tasks much more realistic and easier to perform.

Speaking more broadly, wet rooms also offer many wider benefits, regardless of your motivation for installing one.

Here are five of the biggest:

Easy To Clean

Whether you’re able bodied or suffer from some issues with mobility, a wet room is easier to clean than a traditional bathroom.

Thanks to the room being entirely waterproof, with a central drain carrying water away, the whole room can be cleaned easily and without the worry of having to mop-up spilled water.

There is also no shower screen to worry about, let alone a bathtub or shower tray. Instead, your beautiful new wet room can easily be scrubbed or mopped with minimal fuss.

Stylish & Contemporary

One of the most obviously advantages of having a wet room in your home is their appearance. Wet rooms add a modern and stylish look to your bathroom which you won’t tire of.

Guests will be wowed and the room will give the entire house a lift.

Adds Valued To Your Property

If installed correctly, a wet room can add value to your property. It’s key to make sure that your installers are experienced professionals who know what they are doing.

Installing a wet room badly can lead to many issues. But when done right, these impressive bathrooms will add value to your property without a doubt.

More Spacious

If your wet room is replacing a more traditional bathroom that included a bath tub, then your new wet room will feel enormous. Even the smallest of bathrooms will feel much bigger with a wet room setup.

The open plan nature of the bathroom is so much more spacious and opens up the room to make it a lot easier to use, for everyone.

Wet rooms can also work well as second bathrooms, adding a practical space to what may have previously been a small and badly executed bathroom.

Better Protection For Your Home Than A Traditional Bathroom

If your wet room is correctly installed, then the protection if offers your home when compared to that of a traditional bathroom is increased.

When seals and drains are correctly installed, the entire room offers a barrier between the home and the water, heat and moisture generated in the bathroom. Therefore, there is less chance of multiple leaks and other issues associated with bathrooms.

If you still need convincing of the benefits of a wet room, or you have some questions that you need answering, then get in touch with our skilled team of installers today who will be happy to help.