Five Questions To Ask When Buying A Stairlift

If you’re considering on buying a stairlift, of even if you have made a decision to buy one, then there are some questions that you should ask during the purchasing process.

A stairlift can be a significant investment for any homeowner and it’s one that you need to be comfortable with.

It will add many benefits to your home from a mobility point of view, and that in turn will help improve your everyday life.

But despite that, there can be a lot of questions swirling around in your head.

Make sure you ask any salesmen or companies that you approach anything that you want to, and if you think you may find yourself distracted or pressured, then write them down.

Our team will always invite you to ask questions in your own time and are happy to provide no obligation quotes – so there won’t be any pressure of a hard sell.

However, we still want to give you some questions so that you know the types of things to ask when you are buying a stairlift.

Here are five questions to get you started, along with a little explanation of why they are great questions to ask.

How Much Is It? What Extras May I Have To Pay For?

Regardless of how many benefits a stairlift will bring, we know that cost will always be at the forefront of a buyer’s mind.

Therefore, make sure you ask the question so that you have all of the information you need.

Ask how much the stairlift and installation will cost from the outset, and if there are any extras discussed, make sure you ask how much these will cost too.

At the end of any discussion, request that all prices are written down and left with you.

How Long Is The Warranty & What Does It Cover?

Whenever you make a significant investment, you should always check to see how you’re covered.

Brand new stairlifts, including the installation, should be covered by a warranty.

Ask how long the warranty is and what it covers you for.

How Will The Stairlift Affect My Staircase?

A great question to ask is how it will impact your staircase.

There are two elements to this question; firstly, structural.

Will your staircase be damaged, will you need to decorate, will the stairlift impact the structure?

Secondly, usage.

Can the stairlift fold-up out of the way do that other people can still use the staircase?

Every day convenience should be considered.

How Does The Stairlift Attach To My Stairs?

You may have agreed to purchase the stairlift that sounds perfect.

But how will it be installed?

Is it mounted to the wall or the stairs themselves?

Is It Energy Efficient?

Most stairlifts cost about the same as a small kitchen appliance to run per year but ask the company or salesperson what the energy efficiency rating is for the product.

If nothing else, it’s good to know.

Other questions?

Get in touch with us today and allow our experienced team to discuss your requirements and answer your queries.