Five Reasons To Install A Stairlift At Home

If you’re currently weighing up whether to install a stairlift at home, it’s worth considering what advantages they can bring to you.

When you take the decision to install a stairlift at home, you are making a significant investment.

The financial cost of installing one can sometimes be large, while there may be a reluctance in your mind due to the aesthetic impact of adding one to your home.

However, there are often more important things to consider than looks and money when it comes to a stairlift.

If you are even thinking about whether you should install a stairlift at home, then it’s likely there are good reasons for that.

So, if you are still agonising on the decision, here are five reasons to install a stairlift at home:


Obviously the key advantage to having a stairlift in your own home is the increased mobility that it will offer you.

They can really help improve people’s quality of life in and around their own home, giving them a way of easily moving between different levels of their home. 

This can actually improve your mental health as well as making things easier physically.

Tasks that were previously tough become much easier so can remove a certain amount of stress.

Peace Of Mind

It’s not just the life of the person who needs the mobility of a stairlift that will be improved once you have had one installed.

Loved ones, such as family members and close friends, will also take comfort from knowing that you can now move safely and independently between the floors in your house.

Moving to the bedroom or going up to the bathroom is now a routine task again and not a risky walk upstairs.

Added Value

Depending on the size, location and style of your house, adding a stairlift can actually add value or make it more appealing should you ever wish to sell it.

You’re adding high-quality equipment in to a home which needs it, meaning anybody with mobility issues who may look for a new home would possibly look favourably on your home as the work has already been done.

Stay In Your Own Home

People with mobility issues, either caused by age, injury or medical conditions, are often forced to move home due to the difficulty of moving around freely.

By installing a stairlift, you can stay in the home that you love, probably near to your friends and neighbours, until you’re ready to move out, meaning life can go on as it should do without any stress and upheaval of moving. 

Cost Effective & Quick To Install

Finally, one of the advantages of installing a stairlift is actually the affordability and simplicity of the installation work.

Given the value they add to your life, and the fact that they are more affordable than ever, stairlifts are really cost effective.

Installation can also be really quick, often achievable in just one day.

If you are thinking about installing a stairlift in your property, we offer a free home survey which could take all the hassle out of things.

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