Five Scenarios Where A Home Stairlift Is Vital

Making the decision to install a stairlift in your home can be difficult, with so many different factors to consider.

However, it’s important to look past any of the perceived disadvantages such as cost or the aesthetics and consider the advantages of having a stairlift in the first place – what will it add to the home and how much value to someone’s life is it going to add?

They’re also a much cheaper solution usually than moving to a new house, plus you will have important emotional ties to your current property.

To help you in beginning to understand the benefits of having a stairlift, here are a few common scenarios that we have come across when installing stairlifts for our customers.

Bad Knee/Ankle Joints

Often, people will look straight past having a stairlift if they have issues with knees or ankles.

Even if you’re fairly young, knee and ankle complaints can make mobility a problem and so it’s something that you have to consider caring for.

One of the biggest challenges when these conditions exist is moving up and down stairs.

Your joints may be painful when ascending or descending stairs and if you have a weakness in either, then there is a possibility of them giving way.

If this happens on the stairs, serious injuries can be caused.

Following Major Surgery

You may not initially think of installing a stairlift if you have had major surgery, but perhaps you should.

If your surgery impedes your mobility in any way whatsoever, one of the first activities that will likely become difficult is climbing the stairs.

Even if it’s a fatigue thing, a stairlift at home can take the problem away meaning you can easily and safely use the stairs again to move between the floors in your home.

Age-Related Mobility Issues

We all get older, and as we do, some things we have previously taken for granted become much harder.

One of the first things that will fall in to this bracket is navigating the stairs at home.

Installing a stairlift at home can make your life so much easier, not to mention safer, and can prolong the amount of time you can continue living in your cherished family home.

Side Effects Of Conditions Such As Diabetes

If you suffer with an on-going medical condition, it may have symptoms or side-effects that make using the stairs a dangerous and risky activity.

Take diabetes for example.

Sadly, sufferers can lose their toes or suffer from dizzy spells and blackouts, depending on treatment plans.

All of these types of things are incredibly dangerous if you’re using stairs, and so a stairlift can take the risk out of using the stairs at home.


Finally, if you or a loved one as some form of paralysis, a stairlift may help considerably in keeping moving around the house.

It’s not only a level of independence, but also a case of keeping you in your own home rather than having to move out.

It can also make life much easier for those living with the user of the stairlift, reducing the amount of assistance it would require to get up and down the stairs considerably.

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