Home Lift Installations: The Facts

If you’re trying to decide whether to get a home lift installed in your property, it’s useful for you to be armed of all of the information you need.

A home lift can help transform your life at home.

Whether it directly impacts you as the main user, or a loved one with whom you share your home with, a home lift can give a new freedom of movement around the home.

They’re perfect for wheelchair users and others who suffer from some disability issues, but having one installed at home is not a small job.

There’s considerable time, costs and complexities involved when installing a home life, and lots to decide on before you even get around to having the engineers show up.

So, if you’re still trying to decide whether a home lift installation is the right thing for you to go-ahead with, here are some key facts about the process.

How Long Does A Home Lift Installation Take?

There are many factors which will influence how long a home lift installation will take, but the most important thing to note is that it is not a job that can be completed inside one or two days.

There may be considerable structural work, which may also include remodelling or decoration of the home, not to mention work to ensure the system has power running to it.

A basic and straight forward installation can be completed within a week or two weeks, but some home lift installations will take nearer four or even six weeks.

Once you know which type of lift, you’re installing, your engineers will be able to advise more accurately.

How Much Does A Home Lift Cost In The UK?

Home lift costs can vary quite considerably depending on the type of product you select, but also the amount of work required in your home to install the lift safely.

Again, speaking to experts will help you to gauge a better understanding of the costs involved.

How Much Does It Cost To Run & Maintain A Home Lift?

Modern home lifts are highly energy efficient and run on electricity.

While the costs may be more than a stairlift, for example, they are still in line with many common domestic appliances.

Consult your product manual for further information about the energy efficiency rating for your home lift.

Will You Get A Warranty With Your Home Lift?

If you purchase a brand-new home lift from a reputable company, then both the lift and the installation will be covered by a warranty.

The warranty should protect you from any breakdowns or faults that your home lift gets during the warranty period.

If you have any more questions relating to the installation of a home lift in your property, contact our experienced team at Mobility Living Centre.

We will be happy to talk through your options and visit your home for the purposes of providing a free no obligation quote.