How To Look After An Outside Stairlift During Winter

As we move in to Autumn and prepare for another long winter, it’s important that you take time to consider how to best take care of your outside stairlift during the winter months.

Outside stairlifts are invaluable tools to those who rely upon them.

Whether they help you in and out of your house due to steps near your front door, or if you have one in your back garden to aid mobility when you’re outside enjoying the fresh air, they’re fantastic pieces of equipment.

As with all things though, they need to be taken care of properly to be sure that they will continue to operate successfully.

When it comes to outside stairlifts during the winter, proper care and maintenance is invaluable.

Here are our top tips for taking care of your outside stairlift during the winter:

Make Sure Casings & Hard Covers Are Intact

The first piece of advice when it comes to looking after your outside stairlift during the winter months would be to perform a general health check on it and inspect the machine regularly through the winter.

Outside stairlifts are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, but to do so the hard covers and protective elements need to be in good condition.

Check for any cracks on the unit casing, no matter how small.

If cold air and rain can get to the motor or even the seat, then problems will probably not be too far behind.

Clear The Rail As Often As Possible

During both autumn and winter, falling leaves and other foliage can cause issues for outside equipment with moving parts.

To ensure that your outside stairlift continues to run smoothly, you should regularly clear the rail itself and make sure there are no leaves on it.

Also, clean off any other dirt as often as you can with a damp cloth.

Even rain showers can leave the stairlift covered in dirt, so the more often you clean and maintain it, the better condition it will be in.

Cover The Stairlift When Not In Use

Most, if not all, outside stairlifts are supplied with covers that can be used to protect it when not in use.

If you’re not using your stairlift for a prolonged period of time, or even if you use it regularly, always ensure these covers are replaced after use.

This will help protect the workings and moving parts of the stairlift, as well as the seat and arm rests that are there for your comfort.

Check Everything Before The Worst Weather Arrives

There are so many things that are crucial to a household during the winter that homeowners simply will not check until winter is upon us, for example, your central heating and boiler.

Well your outside stairlift is the same.

Rather than waiting until the heavy winter arrives before making the general health checks on the equipment, get out there and do it in Autumn before the worst weather hits. This one piece of advice could save you a fortune in repair bills down the line!

If you are looking to install an outside stairlift in your property, we can advise on the best recommendations for you.

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