Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Mobility Hoist

Buying a mobility hoist for your home can drastically improve accessibility and manoeuvrability around the property, but what should you be aware of when making that purchasing decision?

Mobility hoists are used to help moving people around the home when they have disabilities which may prevent them from doing certain things themselves.

Most commonly, a hoist will be used for activities such as helping the person in and out of a bed, bathroom or other part of the house.

So, when you’ve taken the decision to buy a hoist, there are still so many variables to make sure that you have locked down before deciding on the specifics.

Properly qualified and experienced companies will be able to advise you in making these decisions, but to help you on the way, we’ve put in a few questions and considerations that you should be talking about when going through the process of buying a mobility hoist.

What Type Of Hoist Do I Need?

First thing is first, you need to consider what hoist you will need.

There are so many types and variations in equipment that you should be able to source something that is perfect for your property and for the job at hand.

Consider whether you need a manual hoist or a powered one, fixed or mobile?

Also, does it need to be operated by a carer or by the person who will be in the hoist? 

How Will It Affect My Property?

A mobility hoist can take up a lot of room in your house and may also require some structural changes to be made, depending on the type of hoist you choose.

So, when you are nearing that decision about what type of mobility hoist you need, make sure you consider how it will impact your property as a whole?

What Weight Does It Support?

A fundamental specification of any mobility hoist is the amount of weight that it can support.

Fully consider the person who will be in the hoist and any additional equipment they may need to carry with them.

Total the weight up and make sure that the type of hoist you pick, and the supporting equipment that goes with it, is capable of operating and supporting that weight.

How Much Will It Cost In Total?

As always when we discuss mobility equipment for the home, it is important that you consider the costs involved in buying and installing it in your home.

Make sure that you not only request details of the costs of the equipment, but also of installation and of any additional products that may be needed; add-ons, straps, etc.

How Long Is The Warranty?

Finally, make sure you ask how long the hoist will be covered by a warranty.

What does the warranty cover and are there any additional coverage add-ons that you would be expected to purchase?

If you’re spending a significant amount of money, you want to make sure that it is sufficiently covered should anything untoward happen.