What To Consider When Buying A Curved Stairlift

If you’re thinking of having a curved stairlift fitted in your home, there are many different things that you will need to take in to consideration before ordering.

Curved stairlifts, by their very nature, are both more expensive and more complex than standard straight stairlifts. As such, you will need to do a lot of research before going-ahead with an installation while also taking your time to fully understand the implications of having a curved stairlift installed.

Unlike straight stairlifts, a curved stairlift is widely used for people who struggle for any mobility at all, or, have a complicated or long staircase. They are capable of spanning several flights of stairs in one continuous rail if required, as well as straddling almost any type of staircase.

Due to their complex design, a curved stairlift will nearly always be bespoke, or certainly to some degree. Therefore, you need to make sure you have taken all of the key aspects in to consideration before placing your final order.

Some of the things to consider include:

Choosing A Reputable Company

It’s important to do your research on companies prior to ordering any stairlift, but when looking to install a curved stairlift, you should look for companies with experience in designing and installing them. Look for online reviews and speak to local healthcare professionals who may know of some companies to start your consultations with.

Additionally, curved stairlifts will often have more moving parts, so check the warranty lengths and conditions offered by the companies with whom you meet.

Can Your Goal Be Achieved With Multiple Straight Stairlifts?

Even if you have already established the need for a curved stairlift, it may be worth still inviting a couple of companies to your home to consult over the possibility of using multiple straight stairlifts instead. This can be both simpler and more cost effective.

Multiple straight stairlifts are useful when you have one or more partial landings – essentially splitting your staircase in to two or more straight runs of stairs. You will also need your user to be mobile enough to move between each straight section on the partial landings, but again, this is well worth considering before continuing on with your curved approach.

Environmental Considerations

A curved stairlift is a fantastic solution if you have multiple sets of stairs or a curved staircase. They can also be used for a straight run of stairs with a small curve and a further minimal rise on to a landing – the types of stairs traditionally associated with semi-detached houses in the UK.

There are many factors to take in to consideration when it comes to your environment. For example, how much space will the curved element of the track take up? Are you still going to have room for people to walk past on foot if required?

If not, will you need a section of the track to fold up, and if so, will this need to be lightweight or have any sort of lock on it?

The easiest way for you to fully consider all of these factors is when you have professionals visit your property. While they will be there to provide a quote and try and secure a sale, if you have done your research and only invited reputable companies, they will be happy top answer any other questions you have.

Usual Stairlift Considerations

In our article about considerations when buying a straight stairlift, we talk through some of the common considerations that apply when purchasing that type of product. However, many of those same considerations should be factored in to any decision making with a curved stairlift.

They include:

Seating Position – will the user be sitting down or stood-up? Or furthermore, will the stairlift need to accommodate a stairlift?

Safety Features – what safety features will you need on your stairlift? Everything from back-up power and locks to fold-away seats and seat belts can be added for different levels of safety and convenience.

Swivel Seat – when the stairlift reaches the top of your staircase, which way is the seat facing? Does it need to be able to swivel in toward the landing to make it easier to get on and off?

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