What To Consider When Buying A Reconditioned Stairlift

Installing a stairlift in your home is a huge financial commitment, and so purchasing a reconditioned stairlift can potentially save you a lot of money.

Many companies now exist to offer reconditioned stairlifts (including us), while others are available to buy second hand from private sellers. However, as with any occasion when you are buying a used product, there are many considerations. Even more so when you consider the importance and complexity of a stairlift.

So before jumping in and purchasing that reconditioned stairlift, take the time to think about your decision. There are many things to factor in, including the following:

General Wear & Tear

The general features of the stairlift will have signs of wear and tear by virtue of you receiving a reconditioned unit. This is to be expected, but there are different elements to it.

If you’re buying from a reputable and specialist company, then they may well have replaced items such as the seat cushion and foot rests. However, if not, these may be worn. Any plastic or metal parts of the seating unit may also show signs of fatigue or use, including the arms and rear of the seat back.

If you’re looking for a second hand stairlift from a private seller, keep in mind that this will not be reconditioned. Instead, every element will likely remain as it was for its previous user, meaning seats cushions, foot rests and other areas will be unchanged and not refreshed.

Mechanical Wear & Tear

One of the most expensive elements of a stairlift is the motor that powers it, moving the chair up and down the rail. Depending on how old your reconditioned stairlift is, the motor may have been subject to many years of wear and tear, or alternatively, just a matter of months.

It will need to be judged on a case-by-case basis. Also, the manufacturer of the motor will be important – if you can get any information about this before agreeing to the purchase, then take it and do your research.

Now, it’s important to mention that some of the most reputable stairlift companies that offer reconditioned units will have maintenance plans or warranties in place that will give you some security and peace of mind when purchasing a reconditioned unit.


And that leads us seamlessly on to the warranty. Using a trusted and experienced company like us is most definitely the way to go if purchasing a reconditioned stairlift.

Also, it is highly recommended that you find out what has been reconditioned as part of a service. Many companies will fit new chains, for example, another key component of a fully-functioning stairlift.

Don’t be afraid to ask companies probing questions about what they have done and what they will do once you have purchased from them.

Your Requirements

Quite an important consideration when purchasing reconditioned chairlifts is whether they are going to meet your requirements. Even with the simpler straight stairlifts, rails may need shortening or the motors changing to suit your home. For example, a more powerful motor for a steeper incline or heavier user.

Curved stairlifts have even more considerations in terms of your own requirements. Does the existing curvature of the rail suit your property? Can it be changed? Will it obstruct your stairs or landing?

General Reconditioned Stairlift Considerations

If you’re buying a reconditioned stairlift, it’s important still to consider the different factors that exist when purchasing one. Safety features, convenience features and other elements should be thought about before inviting prospective suppliers in to your home.

Make a list of questions to ask when they do visit, and don’t be afraid to ask them and to write notes when they give their answers. Reconditioned or not, this is still a significant investment.

We Are Here To Help

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