What To Consider When Choosing A Mobility Step Lift

If you’re trying to make your home wheelchair accessible, then installing a step lift can get around many common issues faced by home owners.

Converting your home to be wheelchair accessible can be a considerable task. One of the first challenges is to make the property itself accessible to wheelchairs. This starts with the outside.

If you have a step up in to your house, the natural first step will be to consider building a ramp. However, there will be a number of occasions when a ramp is not feasible, most commonly due to a lack of space.

There are also other circumstances to consider, such as the physical requirements of being able to push a wheelchair up and down a ramp, or power it electrically.

So, this is when a mobility step lift becomes a viable option. Step lifts can be used to scale a single step, or several steps.

There are several things to consider prior to installing one though, and they are as follows:


Something that surprises many people is that a step lift can actually work out cheaper than a high-quality wheelchair ramp, not to mention safer. However, be aware of the functionality and durability of the step lift you install and know its capabilities and limitations.


Step lifts often use much less space than a wheelchair ramp, especially when the height of the step goes up to a metre, for example. However, be aware of the space you are considering installing a step lift in to. What obstacles exist in this area, and what kind of access to the property is needed aside from the wheelchair user. Will the installation block any of this access?

Dimensions Of The Lifting Platform

You should take the time to fully understand the dimensions of your step lift, and most importantly, the internal dimensions of the lifting platform itself. Will this comfortably accommodate the size of wheelchair, or wheelchairs, it will be servicing? Do the wheelchair users even have anything else that will need to fit on the lift at the same time?

This could be as random as a dog if they regularly take it for exercise. Ensure the step lift is going to be large enough to be practical.

Height Of Steps

An important consideration which will directly impact your buying options is the height of the step, or steps, that the lift will be raised past. It’s important to have an idea of the height of the top of the highest step from the floor. As part of any sale, the company from whom you order the step lift from should also come out and survey the area and recommend the best solutions based on the height.

Gates & Guard Rails

Make sure you consider what other elements may need to be added to the mobility step lift to make it practical and safe. For example, is a gate needed at the top level or bottom level, and are guard rails necessary all of the way around? Should the lift be entirely closed in on four sides while in operation?


From a practicality point of view, consider the controls of the step lift. Are they easy to use, can the wheelchair user access and control the lift themselves if required? Are the controls at a height at which they are in reach of the user?

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