What To Consider When Choosing A Straight Stairlift

If you’ve chosen to get a straight stairlift installed in your house, there are many considerations you will have to take in to account before choosing the actual product itself.

Before you have got to this point, you need to be certain that a straight stairlift is what you need. There are other options, such as a curved stairlift, that will be more suitable for some properties, so if you have not yet decided on the type of stairlift, you may need to go back a stage.

However, if you are certain that a straight stairlift is what you need, then it’s time to begin thinking in more detail about the realities of your chosen stairlift and what you need to consider ahead of the ordering one.

Here are some of the key considerations you will need to make:


As with any product that you ever buy, cost will always play a part in a decision-making process and so should be a key consideration when you’re looking for a stairlift. Different companies offer different product types, with different warranties, different methods of installations and different levels of customer service.

There is a compromise to be reached on price. Too cheap, and either the product or service will be lacking, too expensive and it can be above your budget. Look for somewhere in the middle and make sure it works for you.

You may also be able to seek financial assistance to finance your stairlift, so make sure you speak to a professional who could help you in this area.

Ease Of Use

A key aspect of any stairlift is how easy it us to operate. If the user will be operating it themselves, then it’s likely to just need controls that are on the chair itself. Are the buttons on the stairlift big enough to see? Are they easy enough to press for the user? These things are often overlooked but are realty critical in ensuring you get the most from the stairlift.

Also consider whether you will need any remote controls. For example, if the primary user of the stairlift will have a carer helping to look after them, then it’s possible that the carer will need to control the equipment. In which case, some sort of remote control or second control unit is necessary.

Riding Position

Every stairlift user is different and has a unique set of requirements for their product. One such requirement is the riding position. You are able to get stairlifts that offer the user accessibility through both a seated position or a standing one. Furthermore, there are also stairlifts made to accommodate wheelchairs.

So, what are your circumstances and what do you need both now, and in the future, in terms of accessibility? If you think you may need a stand-up stairlift, check out our dedicated page.

The Environment

Absolutely critical to the efficiency of any straight stairlift is the environment in which it is installed. Are there any obstacles, such as power sockets, radiators or other furnishings that may impede the proper operation of the stairlift? Make sure that any installation you chose is going to be right for your property.

Power Source

Another important consideration is the power source for the stairlift. Your installer should be able to give you information on this when they visit to provide a quotation or gather requirements. Also, will you need a back-up battery power source in case of power failures?

Swivel Seat

All reputable and experienced providers of stairlifts will walk you through the detail of your proposed solution prior to you ordering. One key element of a stairlift is the seat itself. Depending on the position of where your stairlift begins or ends, you may need a swivel seat to make getting on and off the stairlift easier.

Other Convenience & Safety Features

You will notice that there are a lot of additional items that can be added to a straight stairlift. These include fold away foot raisers, or foot rests, safety belts and also child-proof locks to prevent unsupervised use by any youngsters in the family. Think long and hard about your house, the visitors you get and the users’ own requirements.

We Can Help

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