Stannah Sarum

Stannah are one of the oldest British stairlift companies, they’re a family-run business that has been operating since the 1860s and have manufactured over 500,000 stairlifts. Their engineering principles are highly-regarded, as are their high safety standards.

The Sarum Curved Stairlift is an ideal choice for navigating curved staircases, landings or spiral staircases. Its unique design means that it won’t obstruct your hallway or staircase for other uses. The seat and arms are easy to fold down, whilst you can use a lever to lower the footrest eliminating any uncomfortable bending. A range of upholstery options are also open to you should you wish to match your lift with your home decor.

Simple controls are used to take you up or down the stairs and a swivelling seat means that you can disembark smoothly – a seatbelt is also fitted as standard for added safety. Sensors on the edge of the seat and footrests also prevent potential collisions with any obstacles.