Stannah Sofia

Stannah have been established for over 150 years and have built an outstanding reputation for their safety and reliability. Their stairlifts can be fitted into many types of home and are highly customisable.

The Sofia Stairlift can be fitted to a staircase with a curve or a landing. Blending reliability with innovation, this stairlift comes complete with a number of features that improve both comfort and safety. The easy-to-use controls can be placed on either side of the chair and only require a simple push to move in either direction. The arms, like the seat, are completely adjustable so that you can feel as comfortable as possible.

A self-charging battery powers the stairlift, allowing you to use it even when there’s a power cut. There are sensors on the seat, ensuring that you will not move until your full weight is on the lift. Extra sensors can also be found on the footrest and chair that will automatically stop the seat should you meet an obstruction. A swivel seat (which can be powered if needed) gives you confidence in stepping off at the top of the stairs.