Having a stairlift inside your home is fairly common, but if there is one product which is often overlooked by people with mobility challenges, it’s the outdoor stairlift.

People are quick to realise when there is a requirement to install a stairlift inside the home. Maintaining mobility and independence around the home is vitally important as it impacts quality of life, health and other things.

However, what about outside your four walls? An outdoor stairlift can give homeowners the same range of benefits that a conventional indoor model would give, and more besides, each of which can help boost quality of life hugely.

Remember how much you loved to enjoy spending time in your garden? Is it trickier or more dangerous for you to reach your front door now than it perhaps was some years ago? If the answers to these types of questions is ‘yes’, then you should consider installing an outdoor stairlift.

Like their indoor counterparts, an outdoor stairlift will have a robust list of specifications to look after your safety, mobility and convenience. They fold-up, have seat configuration options, can go around curved steps and can be customised in a range of other ways.

However, they also have other functions that make them amazing for outdoor use, potentially opening up your garden or outdoor space for you to enjoy once again. In many cases, they will be used purely to help users access their homes more safely and easily.

An outdoor stairlift can run in any weather, even the rain, wind and frost. They are also a much safer option than just about any other mobility aid for going up and down heights outside.

Take a ramp, for example. While this may be fairly simple to either walk up or perhaps wheel a wheelchair up in fair weather, what about when it rains? You can be house-bound and not wanting to leave the house for fear of slipping. An outdoor stairlift removes that fear.

They can be fitted in to the tightest of spaces and can take you from your front door up to the level required. Similarly, if you have a back garden which is accessible by steps, ramp or a steep slope of some sort, then a stairlift will nearly always provide a more convenient option, and definitely a safer option.

When winter hits and you may not want to spend as much time in your garden, an outdoor stairlift now has a range of accessories which will help keep it in good working order until you’re ready to venture back outdoors. A high-quality cover, for example, will ensure your stairlift is protected from the elements all year round.

If you want to get more information about what outdoor stairlift options we have, or if you just want to talk to an expert about your own mobility issues which may be solved with a stairlift, then contact our team today. We’d also be happy to talk to you about servicing and maintenance of your outdoor stairlift, a vital part of keeping it in good working order.