Reconditioned Stairlifts

If you want to purchase a stairlift for your home and are looking to get the maximum value from your investment, then it may be worth considering reconditioned stairlifts.

Here at Mobility Living Centre, we have a range of great reconditioned second-hand stairlifts which are made available to customers at a reduced cost from what you’d pay for a new product. That’s not to say these are lesser models or even out-of-date – far from it. In fact, we have some of the most popular stairlift models on the market today available as reconditioned units.

All of the reconditioned stairlifts that we sell are delivered and installed by ourselves and come with a 12 months parts and labour guarantee. This gives you absolute peace of mind that the product you have purchased is reliable and you’ll be confidently wanting to use it in no time.

Before any of our products are sold in a reconditioned state, they undergo rigorous safety and maintenance checks by our skilled team of technicians. Every single reconditioned stairlift goes through a 100-point inspection and service so that we can be certain the product will meet your expectations.

These checks aren’t just to the same standard as a new product leaving a factory would be subjected to, but higher. We go in to great deal to ensure everything is in good working order, clean and ready to go as soon as we have installed it. Once these thorough quality control tests are passed, we can be confident that the reconditioned stairlift is up to scratch and can offer our standard 12-month guarantee.

We’ve got a great range of reconditioned stairlifts available right now from some of the leading manufacturers.

From Stannah, we have the Stannah Sofia, Stannah Saxon and Stannah Sarum. These are three of the best-selling stairlift models in the UK and offer outstanding safety, convenience and reliability. Stannah was established more than 150 years ago – they have a reputation as one of the leaders in the stairlift market, so you can be sure that their products will be of a high standard and thoroughly reliable.

The Acorn 120 Slimlime is also available in a reconditioned state with all of our usual checks, tests and guarantees. The stairlift is a great option if you’re stuck for space and need a value stairlift that can climb a straight staircase. It also fits to the stairs directly without any requirement to attach to the wall.

Similarly, the Brooks 130 Slimline comes from a British company that has established itself as one of the UK’s most trusted in this market. Founded in 1972, they have continually innovated to ensure their products are at the forefront of any buying consideration. The 130 Slimline is also a straight stairlift, meaning while it can only be fitted on a straight run of stairs, the installation process is quick and relatively straight forward.

If you think that purchasing a reconditioned stairlift may be for you, or if you need more information and advice, contact us today. Our team has years of experience when it comes to installing stairlifts and working with many different models – we will be happy to talk through your requirements and offer our advice.