Stannah Sofia

Stannah’s excellent reputation for manufacturing stairlifts has been established over more than 40 years of successful business. Their stairlifts prioritise safety and are intended to give their users peace of mind, as well as freedom in their homes.

The Sofia Stairlift can is fitted to the staircase itself, never to the wall, with a rail in an attractive silver or bronze finish. Choose from up to 12 different textiles for your seat and adjust both the seat and arms to suit your needs. Simple controls can be placed on either side of the chair and separate wall controls can also be used to call the lift to you, or send it to someone else to use. You can raise or lower the arms, footrest and seat simultaneously by pushing the arms down with one action.

Sensors on the chair seat will wait until you are firmly sat down before the lift can be operated. More sensors on the footrest and chair will automatically stop the chair if they sense any oncoming obstructions. All Sofia Stairlifts are also fitted with swivel seats that allow you to get completely off the chair in complete safety. A self-charging battery also provides the lift with the optimum power needed to function – even when there’s a power cut.