Rental Stairlifts

Stairlifts can be invaluable pieces of equipment for people with mobility issues, but they’re also significant investments. One possible option to look in to is stairlift rental.

There are probably two key scenarios when a stairlift rental may be a better option for you than purchasing a stairlift on a permanent basis or at full, up-front cost.

Firstly, while they offer amazing benefits to those with reduced mobility, we understand that your accessibility issues may not be permanent. Whether you’ve been recently injured or perhaps undergone significant surgery, it may be that you need a stairlift solution for the time being but not on a permanent basis.

Stairlift rental could be perfect in a situation like this. We can install the product in a relatively quick period of time, giving you that instant peace of mind and easing the mobility challenge you may face in the short-term. As your recovery or rehabilitation progresses, there will be a point when you no longer require use of the stairlift.

Rather than be left with one permanently installed at great cost, a stairlift rental allows you to pay one upfront fee of just £350 for installation of the stairlift, which also covers the cost of us coming to collect it once you have finished with it. Then, all you need to do is pay a monthly rental charge of £50 per month for as long as you need the stairlift for. What’s more, we have no minimum term, so it’s convenient, affordable and works around your needs.

Another scenario in which you may consider a stairlift rental rather than the full outlay of a brand new stairlift is for financial reasons. As we’ve mentioned, buying and installing a brand new stairlift for your home is a significant investment.

Rather than purchase this outright, a rental agreement would allow you to have the stairlift installed in your home and then just pay a recurring monthly cost. It’s easier from a cashflow perspective yet gives you all the benefits of owning a stairlift and regaining that confidence, mobility and independence around your home.

Stairlift rentals are excellent ways of testing the water as well. For example, you may be considering whether you can stay in your current home with the challenges you face, or whether you need to down-size, move to a bungalow or alternative form of accommodation.

Renting a stairlift allows you to see whether having that equipment in place is going to provide what you need to stay in your own home. If not, then you can simply cancel the rental and we will come and collect the equipment from you again. Similarly, if you’re not sure which stairlift to purchase, you could always rent one to see if it would suit your needs over a different model.

If you want to talk further about the possibility of a stairlift rental, or you want expert stairlift advice from our experienced team, then get in touch with us today. We’re happy to talk to you about your requirements.