Straight Stairlifts

A straight stairlift is the perfect solution if your home features a straight staircase for which you need an easy way of moving up and down.

Stairlifts add a great deal of mobility back to homes where residents may struggle to ascend and descend stairs. As long as your staircase is straight and has no corners, twists or junctions, then this a straight stairlift is going to be the right choice for you.

Straight stairlifts are often the simplest of all types of stairlifts to fit in to your home thanks to the straight-line design. Most will fit directly on to the stairs as well, requiring no significant construction work and posing no threat to the décor on your walls. Installation if also a lot more straight forward and thus quicker than it would be for many other types of stairlift.

When purchasing a straight stairlift, you will need to give consideration to more than just the primary user. Will the rail obstruct any doorways or cupboards at either end of the stairs? How much access room will you need around the stairlift?

There are also different power mechanisms and safety features you will want to consider when you make your purchasing decision.

Mobility Living Centre recommends five different models of straight stairlift, each bringing its own distinct advantages depending on the home environment and the user themselves.

The Acorn 120 Slimline is a great solution if your staircase is particularly narrow, or if you live in a busy household where the stairs are going to be busy! It boasts a smooth start-stop mechanism which is easy to operate for the user while it can also be fitted with a hinged rail – ideal if you have a doorway, for example, at the end of the staircase which would ordinarily be blocked by a conventional stairlift.

Another popular option for our customers who want a straight stairlift is the Stannah 600. This model has a host of premium features including different seat width options, seat colour options, versatile controls which include a send-call remote control, and a swivel chair making access easy. You’ll also notice robust foot plates and arm rests helping to make your ride more comfortable and secure.

If you’re wanting a slimline straight stairlift for your home, then another great option for you could be the Brooks 130 Slimline. This is another stairlift that is installed directly on to the stairs, meaning no damage to your walls and no vast construction work is needed. It can be neatly folded away when not in use meaning that your stairs and landing remain easy to access for others, while versatile controls and extensive safety features make this model very popular in busy households.

The Stannah Sofia is a straight stairlift that really begins to push the premium element. While it does, of course, pack in all of those leading safety and power features that you’d come to expect from Stannah products, it also attaches to the stairs rather than your wall. However, the customisation options are often what tempt our customers to go for the Sofia; with an option to have a silver or bronze finish for the rail and multiple seat textiles and colours available, it’s a versatile and impressive product.

Finally, we offer the Stannah Saxon, another great product from the industry-leading manufacturer. The Saxon is very much built for convenience, from its quick installation process through to the ease of use and simple fold-away mechanism.

For more information on all of our straight stairlifts, click on the relevant models below.