Stannah 600

Established as a family-owned company in 1867, Stannah have been making stairlifts for over 40 years for homes around the world. Their range of stairlifts are designed to be adapted to different houses and can be customised to the individual’s needs.

The Siena 600 Straight Stairlift has been designed to maximise space efficiency as well as ease and can even be fitted in narrow stairs. Choose a seat that is just right for you: pick a narrow or wide seat from a variety of colours. Long armrests give you a solid base of support so you can easily get in and out of the seat. The footrest also raises and lowers with just a push of a button thus eliminating the need for any awkward leaning over.

User-friendly features include remote controls for calling or sending your lift, an easy-to-use seat belt and a large footrest for extra comfort. Each chair is fitted with a swivel mechanism which allows you to safely disembark at the top.The foot and armrests are also linked, so with one action you can easily fold your seat away.