Five Reasons Why A Mobility Bathroom Is A Great Investment

Mobility bathrooms (also known as ‘wet rooms’) have revolutionised bathing for people with mobility issues in recent years, and there are many reasons to invest in one.

More traditional style bathrooms will often include old-fashioned walk-in shower enclosures.

For people who struggle with accessibility, this can make bathing tough, or impossible. It also increases the chances of people falling or hurting themselves in the process of bathing.

A mobility bathroom however allows people with mobility issues to bath without the restrictions and obstacles that otherwise exist with a traditional bathroom.

Here are five reasons why a mobility bathroom is a great investment:


First and foremost, mobility bathrooms offer improved accessibility as we have already outlined. You can convert to a mobility bathroom at all sorts of different specifications, but each will offer advantages when it comes to bathing.

A full mobility bathroom allows wheelchairs users to access the entire room easily, while lesser versions can be installed to make bathing and showering easier.


One of the best reasons to buy a mobility bathroom is the fact that they’re so versatile.

Each mobility bathroom can be tailored to suit your current and future requirements, meaning you will have peace of mind that bathing is easy and relaxing again. It’s not an out-of-the-box solution and can be designed to fit in to all manner of room shapes and sizes.

If there is a particular type of equipment you need, or design feature that you like, it can be factored in at the design stage so that everything is perfect for your needs.


We’ve already touched on how accessibility and practicality will greatly enhance your bathing experience, but the confidence element should not be understated.

Often, elderly people or others who suffer with mobility difficulties will struggle to access showers. Their confidence from these difficulties, or perhaps previous falls and accidents, will be hit. 

This can lead to a lack of self-hygiene which in turn then dents social confidence. A mobility bathroom truly can help with all of these and help make bathing an activity that is rewarding once again.


Despite the perception that mobility bathrooms are expensive, there are in fact many different options when it comes to having one installed.

Costs can be controlled, and specific designs can be implemented which reduce the cost even further, meaning a mobility bathroom is also affordable to most people.


One of the many great things about having a new mobility bathroom installed is that they look stylish.

Depending on your choice of furnishings, a wet room can look modern, high-end and classy and be designed to fit in with just about any home style. They will wow guests while not always appearing to have been installed purely for mobility purposes.

As we can see above, mobility bathrooms are practical solutions that can add significant value to a home if done properly by a reputable specialist mobility company.
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