The Advantages Of Installing A Stairlift At Home

There are many advantages to installing a stairlift at home, with increased practicality, convenience and movement all possible.

Stairlifts are a common sight in so many homes today and there is good reason for that.

As technology advances, so do the products available for those wanting a stairlift.

They’ve become more affordable and can also be designed to fit in just about every home imaginable.

But why should you get a stairlift?

There are some key advantages of installing a stairlift at home, and here’s just a few of those.


Stairlifts provide a fantastic solution for people who live in homes but struggle with mobility.

They can make homes practical again, allowing residents to move up and down in their own home and keep that all important level of independence.

With other modifications, it can help transform a home from a large, impractical and inconvenient building back in to a proper home in which you feel comfortable and can move freely in.

It’s a new lease of life, and especially in scenarios where perhaps only one person in the household needs a stairlift, it suits everybody’s requirements and lifestyle.

Numerous Designs

If you’re considering installing a stairlift at home, then the good news is that they are no longer limited to huge, clunky designs which dominate the house and give a clinical feel.

Instead, stairlifts are available in a vast array of designs to service just about every type of property.

Many have upgrades and features, for example a fold-away seat, that aid the space an storage around the unit, so there really is no reason to continue struggling and living with a stairlift.

Stay In The Home You Love

One of the biggest issues for people with mobility difficulties can be the realisation that they may need to leave the home they love.

If you love your home, why should a disability force you to leave?

You’ll have memories in that house, it may be a family home that has supported many generations of the family.

Stairlifts can be the solution required to prevent that happening.

Installing a stairlift can help make your house a home again and allow you to continue living in the property you love.

If you can move properly around the house again without assistance, then you don’t have to consider moving.


Another obstacle that has always existed to people who were considering installing a stairlift at home is the cost.

Despite perceptions to the contrary, stairlifts are more affordable than ever.

There are many different types of stairlifts with different features and different levels of complexity.

This means that prices vary considerably as well, making them more accessible to more people.

You may also be able to apply for grants or some other form of funding to help cover the cost of installing a stairlift.

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