Why The Popularity Of Wet Rooms Continues To Rise

The number of homes in the UK with a wet room continues to ruse year-on-year, with no sign that the trend will slow down any time soon.

It is forecast that as many as 8% of UK homes will have a wet room by the end of 2018, if not more.

They’ve become popular for many reasons, not least the significant improvement and ease of people’s lifestyle if they have mobility issues.

It’s not just those with physical disabilities who are installing them either, with many people now preferring them for the convenience, ease of cleaning and stylish looks which they offer.

The Growth Of Wet Rooms In The UK

Wet rooms were fairly rare 10 years ago, but after the market began to show signs of significant increase in 2013, wet rooms have become incredibly popular.

They offer no-end of opportunities when it comes to bespoke configurations and also add value to homes once fitted in the majority of circumstances.

Not only has the number of homes with a wet room increased, but so to has the value.

With more customisable options and high-end products now available, the average value of a wet room installation has also increased.

It’s now thought that the wet room market accounts for more than £60million per year in the UK, a figure which is likely to continue rising.

Why Are Wet Rooms So Popular?

From bathroom adaptions in older homes to new houses being ready-made with wet rooms installed, they’re found in just about every type of property across the UK.

Waterproofing technology and techniques are now more advanced than ever before, meaning that a wet room is a possibility in just about any type of room.

They’re often more expensive to install than a bathroom with a traditional bath and/or shower, but they carry many advantages and benefits to the homeowners.

These include:

  • Accessibility – They are perfect for those with disabilities who find getting in and out of traditional bath and shower areas tricky. Also, if the user requires assistance to bathe, then traditional bathrooms are not particularly practical.
  • Cleaning – wet rooms are considered much more hygienic if properly maintained. Thanks to the complete waterproofing, the entire bathroom can be thoroughly cleaned with water allowed to drain away through the central drain.
  • Stylish – As the popularity of wet rooms increases, so too does the amount of options available to those who are looking to install one. Whatever your motivation for installing a wet room, you can have the style and look that you truly want thanks to the growth in the market and so many options now available.

If you wish to hear more about the benefits of installing a wet room in your home, or if you have any specific questions and queries relating to them, then contact our dedicated team today.

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