Brooks 130 Slimline

Manufacturing stairlifts since 1972, Brooks Stairlifts are one of the most trusted companies in the UK. Their models of stairlifts are simple to use and come complete with a range of practical safety features.

Straight Stairlifts are fitted to staircases with no bends, as they are much simpler and quicker to fit. The treads of Brooks Stairlifts are designed to be fitted directly into your stairs, so no unnecessary work has to be undertaken on your home and your walls will remain untouched by the installation.

When not in use, this stairlift can be folded away neatly. The footrest, arms and seats can all be easily tucked in, freeing up space on the stairs and landing for other people. Controls are simply designed and easy to use: just push the armrest in the direction you wish to travel in and the lift will respond. A separate wireless remote adds extra practicality, giving you the option to call the lift up or downstairs remotely – perfect for multiple users.

In addition to these practical features, the Brooks Straight Stairlift also comes fitted with sensors that will detect any approaching obstruction and safely stop the lift. The whole system runs on maintenance-free batteries which allows the lift to be operated – even when there’s a power cut.