Curved Stairlifts

If you live in a property with a curved staircase, then your solution to ensuring that your mobility remains a top priority is to install a curved stairlift.

Thanks to how many options are now available when it comes to choosing a curved stairlift, having a staircase which goes around corners, is curved or has tight turns no longer means you cannot have a stairlift. In fact, there are now several stairlift models available which offer you convenience, safety and a premium feel, if that’s what you’re looking for.

A curved stairlift can be fitted to the exact specifications of your property. Even if your staircase is a custom design, particularly narrow or even has landings in a tight area, there are options which will fit in to your home and allow you to enjoy that freedom of movement you need.

Many curved stairlifts will also come with customisation choices, including options relating to colour, supports and the weight limit of the product itself. It means that just about every user situation and every property can be catered for.

Here at Mobility Living Centre, we recommend four different options for a curved stairlift.

The Otolift AIR stairlift is a great option if you do have a narrow staircase. It boasts the smallest diameter rail tube of any other on the market, lending itself to being fitted in the tightest of environments. It can be fitted on just about any staircase and also boasts a range of options which help personalise the product to you.

There is a battery operation mode meaning you can still use during a power cut while safety measures mean it will automatically stop of obstacles are sensed on the rail.

With a fully-adjustable seat, self-charging battery and a modern and ergonomic design which fits into any home, our next option is always popular. The Stannah Sofia has multiple safety and comfort features built in and is perfect to use on staircases that go around corners, or perhaps those that bend on to a landing at the top. Stannah are experts in this field, so it’s no surprise that they have a great curved stairlift option as well.

The Otolift Two is another popular stairlift which can be fitted on curved stairs, and just about any other type of stair configurations. It boasts light-touch ergonomic controls making it easy to operate, especially helpful if the primary user perhaps struggles with touch or grip. It also comes with two different weight limits available and an excellent safety system, making it a solid choice.

Finally, our fourth option if you’re looking to install a curved stairlift is the Stannah Sarum. This stairlift is a popular choice as it packs all of the features you’d expect from a Stannah product and more besides. It folds away well, giving you lots of space to use the staircase as usual when it is not in use. Also, the Sarum has a range of upholstery options available, meaning you can pick a design that will best match your existing home décor.

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